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Randy Gallegos

Randy Gallegos
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24 Card Illustrations
Netrunner Forgotten Backup Chip
Netrunner "Drifter" Mobile Environment
Netrunner Microtech 'Trode Set
Netrunner Karl de Veres, Corporate Stooge
Netrunner Technician Lover
Netrunner Tycho Extension
Netrunner Closed Accounts
Netrunner Power Grid Overload
Netrunner Olivia Salazar
Netrunner Faked Hit
Netrunner Cortical Stimulators
Netrunner Runner Sensei
Netrunner Lesley Major
Netrunner Simon Francisco
Netrunner Little Black Box
Netrunner Karl de Veres, larbin corporatiste
Netrunner Confidence sur l'oreiller
Netrunner Extension de la base Tycho
Netrunner Fermeture de compte
Netrunner Circuits en surcharge
Netrunner Olivia Salazar

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