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Open war expansion is on the starting block !!!!!

Posted by WormholeSurfer on September 7, 2010

Cyberspace  Hi everybody !!!!

Finally i received it !!!

Our master Playful AI has send me the entire OPEN WAR SET !!!!

here is the teaser :


Corporations fought against each other and against hackers, and the stakes for domination became more and more important, compelling the holdings to use very dangerous weapons not fully tested to contain the network invasion and to protect their data.

Corps werent hiding any more the fact that their sysops were used for illegal purpose and to kill Runners. Some big Corps even managed to save the intellect of some great sysops and to insert their essence in the network, transforming them into SANs. With the constant presence of sysops, Corps created a new and more intelligent and dangerous ice called Spirit, with tremendous power due to the direct link between the sysop and the ice.

On the Runner side, new breaking and destroying softs were created, more deadly than ever. Icebreaking was not longer depending on ice type, but more on ice other specs, avoiding thus the smart Corps with the exact countermeasure against classic programs. Virus invasion was raging throughout the Net, and new devices of protection against cyberspace danger were tested.

Virtual was more real than ever, and fights between Runner and Corps became less and less hidden, leading to an Open War.



Anti-generic icebreakers cards

Sysop reinforcement (and upgrades)

SAN nodes for powerful effect (deck manipulation, advancement counters)

New Spirit ice type: sentry with powerful subroutine, and which works better when controlled by a sysop


New icebreaker types (based on subroutine type or ice strength rather than ice type)

Virus and Hardware boosters

Damage redirection

Forts attacks

Can't wait to play ?? me too ...!

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