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Posted by Kevin on November 26, 2010

Guangdong  We are Shenzhen Dewell Smartcard Technical Co., Ltd which is professional in card manufacturing for 5 years.
The follow is what we can supply:
Plastic Card:    VIP Card/ Membership Card                     Bar Code Card/ Magnetic Card
                    Matt Finish Card/ Matt Card                    Clear Card/ Crystal Card
                    Passwork Card/ Rechageable Card            Photo ID Card/ Certificate Card
                     Integral Card / Discount Card                  Telephone Card / Bank Card
                      3D Card                                               PVC Drop of Clothing/ Others

Smart Card:      Contact IC Card                                     ID Key Tag
                     Contactless IC Card                                ID Card
                     Magnetic Strip Card                                 Bar Code Card
                     CHIP( TK4100, EM4100,EM 4305, F08, NXP S50, NXP S70, SLE SETS, ISSI4369,
                               ISSI 24C128, NXP 24C SETS, I CODE 2, NXP U CODE, HITAG 2)
Matel Card        

Paper Card:     Greeting card/birthday card                     Friendsgip card/ thankyou card
                   Birthday card/ Holiday card                     Inviting card

Thanks for your time, If you still have spare time, you can visit our web:

Best Regards,
Kevin Wang

Kevin      +86 18718510438
MSN:     SKYPE: dewell.kevin
Trade Maneger:cn220148187         cn220012464  

Shenzhen Dewell Smartcard Technical Co., Ltd
       Tel: 86-755-83817588-121         Fax: 86-755-83815104
  Add:  7/F, Block F, North, Nanchang No.1 Industrial Area,
       Gushu, Xixiang, Bao'an,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

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