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Sealed mode for the World Domination

Posted by WormholeSurfer on March 11, 2011


Hi everyone,
i'm sorry to be not as availble i i used to theses day but i'm pretty busy on other things ...

First i'd like to thanks everybody for the possibility to bring sealed products it is very nice .

But there is some problems :

Since the Tournament is organized in a way that sealed will have to be partially print before the tournament, i want players to build their deck before the event so that on the D day PLayful will just have to check at it .

If we open some real sealed products on the D day we will "spend " time for that and construction so, before anybody bring sealed products, i'd like to ask  who is interested to open real starter, and i guess that only experimented players will ( which is pretty good because experimented players won't spend a lot of time to construct and playful will check beginer printed deck before ours ...)

The problem is what amount of sealed products do will we exactly have ?

@ Frizzler: so you could bring 6 starter 12 proteus and 6 base ? how much do you sell them ?
@ Kosmo : U have 12 starter for 15 each ? right ?
@ Jen': really sorry to bother you but i do have to know exactly what you have and how much you sell them ?

How much of players are interested to open real products ??

In order to organize correctly the sending of virtual starter and boosters i have to put a limit for answer at 26 th MArch .

after that date Starter will be kept for people who are interested in and other players will receive lists for virtual starters and boosters .

Thx a lot everybody

Let the Run Begin !

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