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Netrunner reprint is on its way ! i need U

Posted by WormholeSurfer on December 3, 2011

PARIS  Hi all,
I have entered in discussions as a project state for the moment about an hypothetic Netrunner reprint.NOTHING is done, but .. let's see .

My idea is to in a fisrt way :

Reprint the base set ALL IN A BOX in a very limited print.

It will still be a customizable card game but no a collectible one, yeah you'll have all cards in the box.

Regularly, new expansions will be released, in the same model as Dominion or LCG games, you'll find all cards of an expansion in a box.

i several thing to ask to you and please help by just answering true .

I need to know what you see to make the limited box "limited" and attractive.
what is sure is that the first print will be very limited, i though about 1000 to 2000 copies of the box.

In order to make it rare and attractive even for old players, i though of several things:

1 create a little icons on cards showing that is a "memorial" set and/or
make all the cards ( or the old rares one) FOILS and/or
make all the cards or some of them ( rares? ) with some alternative art

or maybe a good mix of this .. what do you think ? could it be attractive ? if the production cost are expansive for a such thing will you buy it even if the cards are exactly the same ? ( i need to have beginner and expert advise ...)

2what could be the ideal price for a such box ?
i though about 40 to 100 $ i know it is a huge gap but production costs will be balanced with all the things i suggests upper and also with quantity printed .

3 will you buy it ? ( expert and / or beginner)

4 will you buy it only when released or are you able to support NR and help us to preorder the box before the released ?

I know that (and many of you know me for that) you could find the idea crazy, and me too, but anyway i have spend the last 5 years to try to entering contacts with some people caring about this game, i've met Richard Garfield in Fevruary, and i am proud of that i know that i can make a big thing for NR.

Please beleive and trust me help me by replying it is really important

Resume your runs guys !


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