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Crash Everett l'Embrouilleur

Netrunner French Unlimited
Netrunner Crash Everett l'Embrouilleur
Card Name:Crash Everett l'Embrouilleur
Set: Netrunner French Unlimited
Language: fr
Number: 157 / 373
Rarity: Common
Player: Runner
Card Type: --
Installation Cost: 2
Rules Text:

À chaque fois que vous piochez une ou plusieurs cartes de votre Pile, piochez-en une en plus; puis choisissez une des cartes piochées et effacez-la ou remettez-la sur votre Pile.

Une seule carte unique du même nom peut être en jeu à la fois. Si pour une raison quelconque vous en avez plusieurs en jeu, effacez-les toutes sauf une.

Only one unique card of a particular name can be in play at a time. If for some reason more than one is in play, trash all but one.
Flavor Text: «Vous devez toujours être au moins aussi bien branché que votre console.» − Spider Murphy
Illustration: Mike Kimble
Copyright: v2.0 fr © 1996 WotC
Versions of this Card
1 Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer 157 / 374 Netrunner Limited (en) v1.0 © 1996 WotC
2 Crash Everett l'Embrouilleur 157 / 373 Netrunner French Unlimited (fr) v2.0 fr © 1996 WotC
Prototype & Rulings
Player: Runner
Card Name:Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer
Card Type: --
Installation Cost: 2
Rules Text:

Whenever you draw one or more cards from your stack, draw an extra card; then choose one of the cards drawn and either trash it or return it to the top of your stack.

Only one unique card of a particular name can be in play at a time. If for some reason more than one is in play, trash all but one.
Additional Card Rulings & Errata
  Ruling Source Date
When City Surveillance is in play, you must take a tag or pay [1] for the additional card you draw. Wendy Wallace
If you trash the extra card, you can't put it on Microtech Backup Drive, because the card is not installed (as specified by Microtech Backup Drive). Sparky

The face of Crash Everett looks remarkably like that of Marc "Sparky" Schmaltz, Wizards of the Coast Customer Service Netrunner NetRep.

In the Cyberpunk 2020 background, fixers are go-betweens for any kind of deal. If you know what you want, but not where to get it, ask a fixer.


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