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Edgerunner, Inc., Temps

Netrunner Limited
Netrunner Edgerunner, Inc., Temps
Card Name:Edgerunner, Inc., Temps
Set: Netrunner Limited
Language: en
Number: 289 / 374
Rarity: Uncommon
Player: Corporation
Card Type:
Cost: 1
Rules Text:

Gain three consecutive actions, which you may use only to install cards. You are not required to take all three of these actions.

Flavor Text: "Just remember to sweep the fort for back doors once they're done."
Illustration: Zak Plucinski
Copyright: v1.0 © 1996 WotC
Versions of this Card
1 Edgerunner, Inc., Temps 289 / 374 Netrunner Limited (en) v1.0 © 1996 WotC
2 Appel à la SSII Edgerunner 289 / 373 Netrunner French Unlimited (fr) v2.0 fr © 1996 WotC
Prototype & Rulings
Player: Corporation
Card Name:Edgerunner, Inc., Temps
Card Type:
Cost: 1
Rules Text:

Gain three consecutive actions, which you may use only to install cards. You are not required to take all three of these actions.

Additional Card Rulings & Errata
  Ruling Source Date
The actions gained from Edgerunner, Inc., Temps may be forgone to remove Virus counters. JD Wiker

An Edgerunner is one of the players playing characters in a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign. "Inc." may be a joke, because corporate, one of the character classes, is least popular. The flavour text reference to "sweeping for back doors" is probably because Netrunner is one of the character classes.


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Estimated Value
Pricelist Upper Median Lower
Issue #16 (SRY 4016, September 1996)
$3.00 $1.50 $1.00
Tuff Stuff's Gamer
March/April 1998
- - $1.00
276 Instances (amoung 76 Users)
User Location QTY
Chevy203 US   3
Gronk US   5
profligate CA   37
Jonathan CA   3
craig US   2
Andy US   8
g126 BR   2
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MrThallid US   2
Gary US   4
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Quaeritate NZ   8
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Decks NL   9
DereckSUN FR   3
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Jydebjerg DK   3
Rich GB   1
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Caronte ES   6
Graou FR   1
Joshua AU   1
sycdan US  (US) 1
Mark AU  (AU) 1
kor_ FI   4
Sean BE   7
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Eric US   3
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3darkman BR   1
Zathras42 US   1
Lee US   6
Badgob US   4
Aidan CA   1
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RanceMohammitz AU  (AU) 1
drone207A AU   1
Ionreflex CA   1
Teliis US   1
Harrison 3
Grigorij 1
brucew US  (US) 1
Tony 3
M. DE   2
DasGerg US   6
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Guillaume FR   2
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Paweł PL   1
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