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HQ Interface

Netrunner Limited
Netrunner HQ Interface
Card Name:HQ Interface
Set: Netrunner Limited
Language: en
Number: 129 / 374
Rarity: Common
Player: Runner
Card Type:
Installation Cost: 4
Rules Text:

Whenever you access cards from HQ, access an additional card from HQ.

Flavor Text: "... from Arasaka to Cuernavaca to Oaxaca - to me the gear does come."
Illustration: Lawrence Brown
Copyright: v1.0 © 1996 WotC
Versions of this Card
1 HQ Interface 129 / 374 Netrunner Limited (en) v1.0 © 1996 WotC
2 Interface QG 129 / 373 Netrunner French Unlimited (fr) v2.0 fr © 1996 WotC
Prototype & Rulings
Player: Runner
Card Name:HQ Interface
Card Type:
Installation Cost: 4
Rules Text:

Whenever you access cards from HQ, access an additional card from HQ.

Additional Card Rulings & Errata
  Ruling Source Date
Multiple HQ Interfaces provide cumulative effects. Sparky
The additional cards accessed do not include cards installed in HQ. JD Wiker

This completes the sentence in the flavor text begun in the flavor text of R&D Interface:

"I have a friend in Oaxaca who sells to Ops in Cuernavaca who supply a tech at Arasaka..."

These flavor text is a references to the Tom Lehrer song "Lobachevsky". In one verse, a complicated scheme to get plagiarised documents is described:

"I have a friend in Minsk, Who has a friend in Pinsk, Whose friend in Omsk Has friend in Tomsk With friend in Akmolinsk. His friend in Alexandrovsk Has friend in Petropavlovsk, Whose friend somehow is solving now The problem in Dnepropetrovsk. And when his work is done - Haha! - begins the fun. From Dnepropetrovsk To Petropavlovsk, By way of Iliysk, And Novorossiysk, To Alexandrovsk to Akmolinsk To Tomsk to Omsk To Pinsk to Minsk To me the news will run, Yes, to me the news will run!"


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Estimated Value
Pricelist Upper Median Lower
Issue #16 (SRY 4016, September 1996)
$0.80 $0.50 $0.40
Tuff Stuff's Gamer
March/April 1998
- - $0.25
596 Instances (amoung 90 Users)
User Location QTY
Chevy203 US   5
Gronk US   8
profligate CA   64
Jonathan CA   3
craig US   2
Aaron 3
aardvark US   3
Andy US   4
g126 BR   2
marcel 4
Dualgoth FR   1
Angrist NZ   7
MrThallid US   2
Gary US   9
Ubiq US   2
John US  (US) 27
mAdAk US   3
NoshrokGrimskul DE   15
Mike GB  (GB) 3
Prisoner GB   10
Joleen US  (US) 17
Quaeritate NZ   21
Aurel FR   15
Decks NL   26
DereckSUN FR   8
mAdAk-trade 4
lechaz FR   1
Johnny 3
Jydebjerg DK   6
John US   3
Rich GB   1
Matte 1
Caronte ES   9
Graou FR   2
Joshua AU   7
Mark AU  (AU) 1
kor_ FI   10
VoidBeast US   1
Sean BE   18
Mike CA  (CA) 1
Drew US   21
Eric US   10
Rich US  (US) 4
3darkman BR   2
Zathras42 US   5
Lee US   13
Brandon AU   1
Badgob US   10
Aidan CA   1
aeonflux PL  (PL) 1
RanceMohammitz AU  (AU) 1
drone207A AU   2
Ionreflex CA   1
Teliis US   1
Harrison 8
Marcin 1
dementedwombat 1
Grigorij 6
LevelX DE   1
DogmaticVampyre GB   1
brucew US  (US) 3
M. DE   4
DasGerg US   7
TheBeardedGoose US   4
Gadget FR   1
IceEdge ES   8
Holopoint US   4
Thomas SE   5
kleric US   7
Jason US   2
Siriel PL   14
Hanno DE   3
warGrim PL   3
Q BE   18
TriOpticon US   1
Arnaud FR   1
Samedi US   6
gurubob AU   1
Ken US   1
Aquilonien CA   1
Paweł PL   5
Osocalvin 8
Neil 2
Kevin US   5
Xombe CA  (CA) 29
Ezra 1
Anthony 25
Neurofluxational GB   1
younuri KS   1
Synapse001 US   2

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