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Meat Upgrade

Netrunner Classic
Netrunner Meat Upgrade
Card Name:Meat Upgrade
Set: Netrunner Classic
Language: en
Number: 14 / 52
Rarity: Rare
Player: Runner
Card Type: -
Cost: 2
Rules Text:

Remove up to two tags, at no cost, and draw three cards.

Playing a double prep costs two consecutive actions this turn instead of one.
Flavor Text: They can make you gorgeous cheap, but to make you plain costs extra.
Illustration: David Seeley
Copyright: v2.2 © 1996-1999 WotC
Versions of this Card
1 Meat Upgrade 14 / 52 Netrunner Classic (en) v2.2 © 1996-1999 WotC
Prototype & Rulings
Player: Runner
Card Name:Meat Upgrade
Card Type: -
Cost: 2
Rules Text:

Remove up to two tags, at no cost, and draw three cards.


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