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Netrunner misc.for-sale
Card Name:misc.for-sale
Set: Netrunner Limited
Language: en
Number: 100 / 374
Rarity: Rare
Player: Runner
Card Type: -
Cost: 0
Rules Text:

Trash any number of your installed cards. Gain [3] for each card trashed in this way.

Flavor Text: "Why throw it away when you can convince some half-brained weef to use it for creative suicide instead?" - Rache Bartmoss
Illustration: Robert McLees
Copyright: v1.0 1996 WotC
Versions of this Card
1 misc.for-sale 100 / 374 Netrunner Limited (en) v1.0 1996 WotC
2 misc.for-sale 2 / 6 Netrunner Unlimited (en) v2.0 1996-1999 WotC
3 Div. vendre 100 / 373 Netrunner French Unlimited (fr) v2.0 fr 1996 WotC
Prototype & Rulings
Player: Runner
Card Name:misc.for-sale
Card Type: -
Cost: 0
Rules Text:

Trash any number of your installed cards. Gain [3] for each card trashed in this way.

Additional Card Rulings & Errata
  Ruling Source Date
misc.for-sale no longer has an erratum that inserts the word "successfully" before the word "trashed." But you still can't get bits from misc.for-sale if you use Joan of Arc to prevent programs from being trashed. Skipper Pickle

This card's name is a reference to the Usenet newsgroup, in which Internet users offer sundry miscellaneous goods for sale. The hyphen may have been inserted for greater legibility.

Wizards of the Coast game designer Glenn Elliott has revealed that a Corp version of this card existed during playtesting, but was "even more broken than the Runner version due to the tendency for the Corp to install more cards".


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Estimated Value
Pricelist Upper Median Lower
Issue #16 (SRY 4016, September 1996)
$5.30 $4.50 $4.00
Tuff Stuff's Gamer
March/April 1998
- - $12.00
69 Instances (amoung 46 Users)
User Location QTY
Chevy203 US   1
Gronk US   1
profligate CA   6
Jonathan CA   1
aardvark US   1
Andy US   2
g126 BR   2
MrThallid US   1
Gary US   2
John US  (US) 2
mAdAk US   3
NoshrokGrimskul DE   2
Prisoner GB   1
Quaeritate NZ   1
Aurel FR   1
mAdAk-trade 3
Rich GB   1
John 1
Caronte ES   1
sycdan US  (US) 1
kor_ FI   2
Sean BE   1
Jacob US   2
Drew US   3
Rich US  (US) 1
Zathras42 US   1
Lee US   1
Badgob US   1
aeonflux PL  (PL) 1
RanceMohammitz AU  (AU) 1
WilsonWeeflerunR BE   4
Grigorij 2
Mike US   1
brucew US  (US) 1
DasGerg US   1
IceEdge ES   1
kleric US   1
Jason US   1
Siriel PL   2
Arnaud FR   1
Samedi US   1
Aquilonien CA   1
Xombe CA  (CA) 1
Anthony 1
younuri KS   1
FallGuy NL  (NL) 1

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