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Pacifica Regional AI

Netrunner Limited
Netrunner Pacifica Regional AI
Card Name:Pacifica Regional AI
Set: Netrunner Limited
Language: en
Number: 334 / 374
Rarity: Rare
Player: Corporation
Card Type: -
Rez cost: 0
Trash cost: 0
Rules Text:

You may advance Pacifica Regional AI before and after you rez it.

Regional AI advancement counter: Gain an action.

Flavor Text:
Illustration: Chris Vande Voort
Copyright: v1.0 1996 WotC
Versions of this Card
1 Pacifica Regional AI 334 / 374 Netrunner Limited (en) v1.0 1996 WotC
2 Pacifica Regional AI 4 / 6 Netrunner Unlimited (en) v2.0 1996-1999 WotC
3 IA de la zone Pacifique 334 / 373 Netrunner French Unlimited (fr) v2.0 fr 1996 WotC
Prototype & Rulings
Player: Corporation
Card Name:Pacifica Regional AI
Card Type: -
Rez cost: 0
Trash cost: 0
Rules Text:

You may advance Pacifica Regional AI before and after you rez it.

Regional AI advancement counter: Gain an action. Use this ability only during your turn.

Additional Card Rulings & Errata
  Ruling Source Date
Neither player can use effects to gain actions during the other player's turn. Netrunner FAQ v.1.0 05/22/1996
ERRATA Add to the ability line "Use this ability only during your turn." Sparky

Regional AIs are a concept first found in Rache Bartmoss' Guide to the Net. He terms them Transcendental Sentience AIs. According to him, they are artificial intelligences spawned simply because of the net's presence.

"What makes the Pacifica Region what it is? Well, really, nothing, it just is, because the Pacifica Region itself is an artificial intelligence." - Rache Bartmoss' Guide to the Net, p. 14.

This is the quote which presumably spawned the Pacifica Region AI card. In the Pacifica section of Guide to the Net, we see Bartmoss has named the AI "Packer". According to Bartmoss (the only runner to claim TS AIs actually exist), the most coherent TS AI is Akira, the Tokyo/Chiba Regional AI. In this case, Akira chose the name for itself.

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Frank said:

A counter must be removed to gain an action.



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Estimated Value
Pricelist Upper Median Lower
Issue #16 (SRY 4016, September 1996)
$6.40 $5.50 $4.80
Tuff Stuff's Gamer
March/April 1998
- - $3.00
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