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Scoop pour WNS

Netrunner French Unlimited
Netrunner Scoop pour WNS
Card Name:Scoop pour WNS
Set: Netrunner French Unlimited
Language: fr
Number: 90 / 373
Rarity: Rare
Player: Runner
Card Type:
Cost: 0
Rules Text:

Marquez 1 point de victoire si vous avez piraté un projet illégal ce tour ci.

Flavor Text: «Un complot pour assassiner Elvis, incroyable mais vrai ! Reportage exclusif après la pub, ne zappez pas !»
Illustration: Sue Ann Harkey
Copyright: v2.0 fr © 1996 WotC
Versions of this Card
1 Hot Tip for WNS 90 / 374 Netrunner Limited (en) v1.0 © 1996 WotC
2 Scoop pour WNS 90 / 373 Netrunner French Unlimited (fr) v2.0 fr © 1996 WotC
Prototype & Rulings
Player: Runner
Card Name:Hot Tip for WNS
Card Type:
Cost: 0
Rules Text:

Score 1 agenda point if you liberated any Black Ops agendas this turn.


"WNS" stands for "World News Service", a Corp from Cyberpunk 2020.


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