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Mason Scheming

Corporation deck submitted by 7OOTnegaTerces

-->Important Note!!!  Firstly, this deck uses cards from the Chrysalid Matrix, Dangerous Allies, and Winterdawn virtual expansions.  Secondly, this deck has not been finalized, and may change based on suggestions from YOU!  So tell me what you think! (See my related post here: )<--

Complete Card List:

Bit/Action Engine
4 World Operations (DAL) Cost:[4]; Trash:[3]; "Node - Transaction - Unique" Gain [1] at the start of each of your turns for each subsidiary data fort.  (Only one unique card of a particular name can be in play at a time. If for some reason more than one is in play, trash all but one.)

4 Chester Mix (Base/1.0) Cost:[0]; Trash:[3]; "Upgrade - Sysop" Cost to install ice on this fort is reduced by [2].

4 AI Advisor (WD) Cost:[2]; "Operation" Do one of the following: Gain [5]; draw 3 cards; or gain 3 actions which can only be used to install cards. You are not required to take all of these actions.

15 Fortress Scheme (DAL) Cost:4; Points:2 "Agenda - Research" All Walls gain +2 strength.

ICE Enhancement
6 Now Enriched with Vitamin C (WD) Cost:[4]; "Operation - Research" Play Now Enriched With Vitamin C only if you scored any Research agendas this turn. Put a +1 strength counter on each rezzed piece of ice.

6 Top-Down Micromanagement (CM) Cost:[0]; "Operation" Exchange the positions of any two pieces of ice. You may rez either or both pieces of ice after moving them.

6 Data Masons (Base/1.0) Cost:[1]; Trash:[1]; "Node" Cost to rez walls is reduced by [2]. All walls have +1 strength.

4 Basel City Grid (WD) Cost:[2]; Trash:[5]; "Upgrade - Region" For every Research agenda you have scored, increase the strength of all ice installed on this fort by 1.  (Rez a region when you install it. Install a region only if you can pay to rez it. Only one region may be installed in each fort. Trash older ones.)

6 Siren (Proteus/2.1) Rez Siren when you install it. Install Siren only if you can pay to rez it. [1]: Runner must make a run on the fort Siren is installed in, if possible, instead of on the fort he or she was originally going to make a run on. Use this ability only at the start of a run.

4 Aardvark (Base/1.0) Cost:[0]; Trash:[4]; "Upgrade" Runner cannot use worms during runs on this fort. If Runner uses a worm during a run on this fort before Aardvark is rezzed, you may rez Aardvark to trash that worm, and any bits spent using that worm on the current piece of ice are lost to no effect. Runner may then use further icebreakers to break the ice.

4 Data Wall 2.0 (Base/1.0) Cost:[2]; Strenghth:1; "Ice - Wall" *End the Run.

4 Crystal Wall (Base/1.0) Cost:[4]; Strenghth:3; "Ice - Wall" *End the Run.

4 Rock Is Strong (Base/1.0) Cost:[6]; Strenghth:5; "Ice - Wall" *End the Run.

4 Acid Wall (CM) Cost:[6]; Strenghth:3; "Ice - Wall" *End the Run. When you rez Acid Wall, put 3 Acid counters on it. Each Acid counter gives -1 strength to the ice or icebreaker it is on. Whenever the Runner uses an icebreaker to break a subroutine on Acid Wall, move one Acid counter from Acid Wall to an icebreaker used during this encounter. When all Acid counters are removed from Acid Wall, trash it.

4 Metawall (DAL) Cost:[8]; Strenghth:5; "Ice - Wall" *End the Run. Metawell gains +3 strength against Noisy icebreakers. Metawall gains +1 strength for each rezzed Wall installed outside it.

If there's one thing the Runner can always count on, its that the Corp will always have three types of ICE, Sentry, Code Gate, and Wall.  The runner can also count on running into ice with more that 8 strength once in a blue moon.  And more than 10, probably never.   That is, until now.
The Data Masons have gotten together, Saubruo wants a new fort, and unbreakable one, and that's just what the Masons are going to give him.  Sure, it only uses Wall ICE, but what do you expect when asking anything from that bunch?  And besides, when was the last time you ran against a Data Wall 2.0 with +20 strength?

Most Corps spend half or more of their money installing and rezzing ICE.  This deck intends on spending no money to do either, while not rezzing crappy payback ICE, but super strong 10 or 20 plus strength ICE. ICE that can get up to +5 stronger each time the corp scores an Agenda.  How?
The secret is in the Walls.

Step One: Installing and Rezzing for free.
Chester Mix decreases the cost to install ICE by two while Data Masons decreases the rez cost of all walls by two while increasing their strength by one.

Step Two: Boost ICE Strength.
Data Masons Already gives us plus 1 strength, but we need more than that.  So install Basel in the Siren fort, which gives another +1 per Research Agenda scored.  Now score a Fortress Scheme and use two Vitamin C's.  That +2 from Fortress, +2 from the two C's, and +1 from Basel, for a total of +5 per Agenda scored.

But we can do even better Top-down lets us both rearrange the ICE on our Siren fort for maximum impact (Metawall innermost, Acidwall outermost), even swapping out ICE from other forts, but also rez these cards (for nothing) so that Vitamin C can boost them, even if the runner hasn't run and given us a chance to rez them yet.

The result: Metawall with +36 strength.  Now that is an ICE to be reckoned with...  Happy Running!

  Card Name Cost Points Type
13 × Political Overthrow 9 6 -
4 × Crystal Wall 4 -
4 × Data Wall 2.0 2 -
4 × Rock Is Strong 6 -
6 × Data Masons 1
6 × Siren 3
4 × Aardvark 0
4 × Chester Mix 0 -
45 Cards 78 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: n/a
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Bierfuizl said:

Have you played against a few runners already? Initial phase seems to be tricky. An early wall breaker will probably ruin your day as you won't be able to pile your defenses. You'll have to protect your Data Masons until you'll have a few out.

I've played Siren quite a few times and found that good runners will try to kill it as soon as possible. But you'll need the Siren to keep the Masons save and score your agendas (which have to be out in the open for one full turn).

Pile Driver will ruin your day probably. Even str10 walls will only cost (6) to break.

With 79 cards it will take a wee while to get the cards you need. You might get 1 early Chester Mix if you are lucky. Siren might show up early but also gets trashed easily. And you need to protect Data Masons and World Operations or your engine will fail to ignite.

1st thing I'd shave off is Aardvark (limited use) and Basel City Grid (the other cards give better effects).

Be prepared to defend against runs on the Siren fort with 40+ bits.

Although I'd like to put a few good runner stacks against it. No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Neat idea overall!



7OOTnegaTerces said:

This is a deck in progress, so please see my related thread: !



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