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Runner deck submitted by Bierfuizl


"Don't be scared off by black ICE.-"
"Top runner HighFlyer will show you the way to do it in this special issue of 'Live from the Front'"


 Like a ghost this kind of deck has been lingering around for a very long time. But like one of these ethereal being noone has seen but a silhouette. The idea is neat: Let the corp spend bits for rezzing ICE and collect a huge income from your field reporters. Use disintegrator and repeat the process until the corp is broke and you can swim in eb.  


 The main goal is speed. You'll need a lot of Field Reporters that sponsor your expensive runs. Big ICE isn't the problem here but the cheap ones. Your breakers are powerful but have a constant cost for most pieces of ICE. Pay 8 bits to break and derez a Colonel Failure or a Liche - corps won't like that. It even works with smaller ICE. Shaka helps you keep the cost down for small sentries. You'll be able to break most of them for one or two bits. Here is where the Reporters come into play: 5 or 6 of them will give you an equilibrium, every further one is a gain for you.  So after you have installed six or more Reporters you'll make a bargain for almost every ICE the corp derezzes.
If you can achieve this setup the game should be over for the corp. The main problem lies in the early phase of the game. You have to install many Reporters - that will cost you quite a few actions. Here you can use the Preying Mantis to give you a burst in speed at the cost of brain damage. Just take it - the cards in this large stack should be enough for everybody. You can boost your hand size with the MRAM chips and regain cards with MIT West Tier or the Junkyard BBS. Calculations show that you can have a significant (although not huge) gain in your setup time.
After several Reporters are installed you can use the Forged Activation Orders to check and try the corp's countermeasures. If they rez the ICE you'll gain bits - if not, they have lost actions and cards and you won't have to break that many ICE during your runs. Sounds nice, eh?


The current version here is some early state in the development phase. You'll find constant modifications over the next time here. When I have played and refined my skills in journalism I'll give you some more detailed information. In the mean time: Try it out yourself or - even better - build your own funny new deck.
There were two main reasons for me to design this stack: First I wanted to build a runner deck that takes use of a size far greater than 45 cards. Currently I reached 80 cards which seem to be quite good for the choosen card distribution. The second point was to show the use of Disintegrator (even if it's only in a specialized deck) and to proove Frisky wrong.

  Card Name Cost Type
1 × Disintegrator 6 -2 MU
3 × Self-Modifying Code 2 -2 MU
1 × Succubus 3 --1 MU
1 × Cyfermaster™ 4 --1 MU
1 × Shaka 4 ---1 MU
1 × Big Frackin' Gun 2 ---1 MU
1 × Ramming Piston 4 ---1 MU
17 × Bodyweight™ Synthetic Blood 2
2 × MIT West Tier 3
3 × Organ Donor 0
12 × Score! 5
6 × Forged Activation Orders 1 -
8 × Militech MRAM Chip 2 --
1 × Junkyard BBS 1 -
8 × Preying Mantis 0 -
14 × Field Reporter for Ice and Data 0 -
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5  (1 Vote) (1 Vote)
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