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Political Overkill

Corporation deck submitted by Bierfuizl



   We are here on the small tropical island of...goddammed what the hell is going on here? Where did that explosion come from. Bruce, gimme a full view on sector nine! Can you see that? Oh no.


   Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that this small paradise has been turned into a living nightmare. From our position here at the top of the old crater we can spot several assault ships of unknown build dispersing troops in heavy battle gear. They are already advancing into the heart of the capitol here and obviously equipped with powerful weapons. From what we can see here they must have serious rocket launchers, several hoover tanks and hundreds of heli drones.

   We don't know what's going on here at the moment and what situation we will face in the next hours and days but we will keep you informed as long as we can. For now we have to shift position to get out of the way of the rapidly advancing troups.

   This is Ed Malloney from Channel Z, reporting from the latest hotspot in the Southern Pacific Region.


Our main goal is speed and taking the runner by surprise. Without serious interference we should be able to secure our political stronghold in the Pacifica Region pretty quickly. The latest projections by our local AI show a signifcant increase in the probability for success of this project. It is by all means clear that we face basically no competition after the completion of this gargantuan task.

To deter runners from intruding into our core system we have to rely on relatively light defenses. They only have to take us through the early stages of the aquisition phase. After the regional AI has found the final mappings for the information routes their interference will be irrelevant. All crucial information will be sealed off into detached and highly secured main frames and we should have massive control over most of the islands.

Our friends in the European markets will highly appreciate the data we'll hand them for temporary storage. Synergetic links through their AI subnet will futher enhance our processing capabilities. Once we reach the critical mass the whole process will become self-sustaining.

Contrary to earlier experiemts, the current results show no distinct requirements for enhanced financial processing. To save the high maintainance costs the new CFO system has been decomissioned for now and we are using a human interim at the moment.


This deck is pretty straightforward to play: We have to install as many Corporate Negociation Centers (CNCs) as soon as possible. There are 44 agenda points in 45 cards to provide enough input for the CNCs. To distract the runner from R&D we show her or him a few Political Overthrows (POs) and build up the defence for HQ. The Euromarkets will help us defend HQ by increasing our hand size and they'll allow us to draw the necessary amount of cards.

With the massive bit influx from multiple CNCs and several agenda cards stored in HQ we'll be able to build up several layers of ice pretty quickly without wasting too many actions. The CNCs pose an additional distraction for the runner and will cost actions and bits to run and trash.

Once the number of bits reaches 10 or more we are ready for the loop. The only other requirement is a decent amount of agenda cards in HQ but that's usually not a problem. With two or more POs we can generate enough bits by scoring a Corporate Downsizing to gain enough actions (via Pacifica Regional AI and Chicago Branch) to score another PO in the same turn as the Corporate Downsizing. If we don't have the required PO stored in HQ it is still possible to spend a few actions on Euromarket to draw the necessary card, although this requires significantly more bits to start with.

The ice mix is still a little bit lacking but has yet to be defeated. Feel free to improve it but I'd like to hear some feedback from you.

With Tycho Extension gone this might be one of the fastest Corps around. It's one of the peaks of (semi) loop technology and one of the last innovative decks before the general availability of Netrunner Classic.

If you are low on CNCs (I am) you can also replace then with plain ordinary Accounts Receivable. They work as well for bit generation but don't have the other nice effects.

Ah, a final hint: Beware early runs with All-Hands or Rush Hour! But you can't always win...

  Card Name Cost Points Type
6 × Political Overthrow 9 6 -
4 × Corporate Downsizing 3 2 -
1 × Haunting Inquisition 8 -
3 × Quandary 2 -
3 × Marionette 3 --
3 × Data Wall 1 -
1 × Rock Is Strong 6 -
4 × Edgerunner, Inc., Temps 1
5 × Euromarket Consortium 2
3 × Pacifica Regional AI 0 -
3 × Chicago Branch 2 -
9 × Corporate Negotiating Center 0 -
45 Cards 44 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: n/a
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