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Phobos and Deimos

Corporation deck submitted by 7OOTnegaTerces

A quick glance over this deck will reveal one GLARING hole.  There is no ICE.  Sounds easy, right, a real pushover. All the Runner has to do is walk in, take what they want, and leave. But of course, that's assuming they'll like what they find...

This is my version of the Couer-du-Bois deck by Stephen Holodinsky ( ). I liked this deck as soon as I saw it, for the simple reason that it ignored what is otherwise felt to be the fundamental part of the Corp's game play, ICE.  And anything that can manage to ignore what is supposed to be a fundamental part of a game (in a non-broken cheapish way), can really throw your opponent for a loop and leave him struggling to catch up with you. (My Mason Scheming deck uses this same principle to a lesser degree by using only Wall ICE.  Check it out and help me improve it here: ) The only problem with it was that it used the banned Tycho Extension, and replacing that card led me to make several changes in the way the deck is played (mainly a more heavy leaning on the Tag'n'bag aspect).

So how exactly does a Corp "protect" itself if it doesn't use ICE? All the savings in bits and actions will have been wasted if the Runner can just walk, or rather, run, all over you.  Easy, by making the runner not want to run. How? Phobos and Deimos, Fear and Dread of what the Runner will find instead of a nice little agenda if they DO run, a TRAP!
In the early game, before the Runner know's what they're getting into, you go ahead and slap down one or two TRAP!s in Subsidiary Data Forts. When the Runner runs on the tempting targets, zap him for all he's worth. Then install an agenda or two, as needed if your hand's getting full, in a SDF. Wise to your plan, the Runner will ignore these until you fast advance one with Project Consultants. Now the Runner panicked get's to play Russian Roulette with the remaining cards, trying to figure out which is an Agenda, and which is just another TRAP!
Does the Runner have a card exposing ability? Keep everything in HQ and force him to run it, you can still fast advance any agenda you want using Project Consultants.  A couple Main-Office Relocation's might help out here to widen your hand-size and increase the number of wrong choices for the Runner. Don't have the right cards, feel free to use AI Chief Financial Officer to get the right combo!
As the Runner will soon find out, however, it's not just the TRAP! cards themselves that are the problems (though taking three Net and a tag is no fun), it's what will happen to the Runner if it winds up with a tag on the Corps turn. At this point the Corp do a variety of nasty things to the poor Runner.

Corporate Headhunters: if scored, this nasty piece of work will not only deal one meat damage (more if any Bioweapons Engineering have also been scored), but reduces the Runner's hand size, with absolutely no possibility of reversal. But why would we want the Runner to undo all our hard work?

Urban Renewal: At five meat damage this isn't a card the Runner wants to get caught by with anything less than a full hand, and it's an even bigger problem with either Corporate Headhunters or Bioweapons Engineering in play. The Runner should have seen the notice in City Hall anyways...

Net-Psychosis: The Runner will quickly realize that, despite the lack of protective ICE, it's actually NOT in their best interest to make a run every single action. So force them to make a run every action or take 1 unpreventable meat damage with this card!

Power Grid Overload/Bio-Feedback: With all the cards that deal meat damage, the last thing you want the Runner to be able to do is avoid that damage (or increase their hand size), so use these to cards to trash any such undesirable cards. The Runner doesn't really need them anyways, right? At least, they don't need them to loose...

Virtual Quarantine: The piece de resistance, use this card whenever you can to dead-lock the Runner into being unable to do anything at all (other than take meat damage from Net-Psychosis).

Thus this deck actually boasts three ways to win: a) Agenda, b) Flatline, or c) an Infinite Loop (resulting in either a or b) via eliminating all of the Runner's action, rather than giving yourself an unlimited number of them.

The only question is: do you think you can take this deck on?

Since this deck uses cards from the Virtual expansion, here's the missing cards:

WD - WinterDawn
RIP - Repeat Intrusion Patterns

4 Virtual Quarantine (WD) - Cost: [6]; "Operation - Grey Ops" Play Virtual Quarantine only if Runner is tagged.  Pay 1 agenda point and give Runner a Quarantine counter. Each Quarantine counter causes Runner to forgo an action at the start of each of his or her turns.  

2 Net-Psychosis (RIP) - Cost: [0]; "Operation" Play only if Runner is tagged and made more than 1 run last turn.  Give Runner a Net-Psychosis counter.  At the end of the Runner's turn, the Runner takes 1 meat damage unless there were at least as many runs that turn as Net-Psychosis counters. This damage may not be prevented.  Runner may remove a Net-Psychosis counter by taking an action to trash a program.

1 Bio-Feedback (RIP) Cost: [3]; "Operation - Black Ops" Play only if Runner has 2 or more tags.  Trash up to 2 pieces of cybernetic hardware and do 2 meat damage.  This damage cannot be prevented.

  Card Name Cost Points Type
2 × AI Chief Financial Officer 5 2 -
2 × Corporate Headhunters 5 3 -
2 × Main-Office Relocation 4 3 -
2 × Bioweapons Engineering 4 3 -
8 × Project Consultants 12
3 × Urban Renewal 6 -
1 × Power Grid Overload X -
7 × Credit Consolidation 10 -
7 × Accounts Receivable 5 -
14 × TRAP! 0 -
48 Cards 22 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: n/a
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7OOTnegaTerces said:

I invite everyone to take this deck on, and I'd love to play someone with it (but only if they told me what deck they were using, fair's fair...)! I'd epically like to see how it'd do against a "TagMe - Big Truck" deck. And, of course, any suggestions are more than welcome!



Playful_EE said:

Dear 700TT,

Ill try to test if I can get enough time. Ill come back to you as soon as possible.




Bierfuizl said:

Bankrupting runners will seriously ruin your day ;-).

And experienced runners try to avoid carrying tags into the corp's turn, especially in constructed where very nasty things tend to happen to tagged runners.

Although Virtual Quarantine is extremely nasty for tagme runners.



7OOTnegaTerces said:

Of course, part of the idea behind it is that this deck is supposed to win fairly quickly (though not as quick as it once was able to with two Tycho's...), meanwhile the Runner has to deal with both the damage and the tags given by TRAP! while trying to steal the agendas...
Still though, I figured bankrupters would be a problem, but I was wondering if there might be anyway to counteract that, some what, at least for the TagMe style bankrupters, who are just asking for it...



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