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Don't Blink!

Runner deck submitted by WilsonWeeflerunR

No Jack 'n' Joe's, no Bodyweight Synthetic Bloods, no Score!'s, no Loans from Chiba. Now what kind of a Runner stack is THAT?! Well, the fun kind. The deck relies heavy on The Shell Traders to get programs and hardware into play. During Lucidrine-infused runs, use these bits to pay for stuff that's inside the Traders. The Nanosurgeons allow you to draw cards after the Blinks or the Booster Drugs deal damage. You only need one Nanosurgeon in play, the others are good for discarding after damage. The same goes for The Shell Traders, getting 2 or 3 in play is good, the rest is fodder.

  Card Name Cost Type
2 × Shield 0 -1 MU
1 × Clown 4 -1 MU
4 × Force Shield 2 -1 MU
1 × Newsgroup Filter 5 -2 MU
3 × Self-Modifying Code 2 -2 MU
1 × Dropp™ 3 --1 MU
1 × Evil Twin 6 ---1 MU
4 × Blink 5 ---1 MU
7 × Lucidrine™ Booster Drug 0
3 × Tycho Mem Chip 5 -
3 × Militech MRAM Chip 2 --
7 × Lifesaver™ Nanosurgeons 1 -
2 × Cortical Cybermodem 11 --
7 × The Shell Traders 0
3 × Wilson, Weeflerunner Apprentice 4
Overall Rating: n/a
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