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Fast Artificial Security Directors / Corp War

Corporation deck submitted by WilsonWeeflerunR

Fast advacement deck using Artificial Security Directors, Systematic Layoffs and Washington DC, City Grid. Basic and cheap ICE protection with Filters and Data Walls to give you a bit of time to score one or two early agenda's. TRAP!s are in there to keep the Runner 'honest'. Very powerful deck, but without much imagination and therefore not a real 'fun' deck.

  Card Name Cost Points Type
5 × Corporate War 3 3 -
4 × Artificial Security Directors 3 1 -
6 × Filter 0 -
6 × Data Wall 1 -
5 × Systematic Layoffs 5
4 × Annual Reviews 0
6 × Accounts Receivable 5 -
4 × TRAP! 0 -
3 × ACME Savings and Loan 0 -
2 × Washington, D.C., City Grid 7 -
45 Cards 19 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5  (1 Vote) (1 Vote)
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