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Rocket to the Moon (my Psyco Tycho)

Corporation deck submitted by RevDon

Speed Deck - utilize your bit gaining & Draw cards to get your Project Consultants to advance your moon base Tycho Extension
Drop Sleepers and Data Walls to stop the eager runner...Cant wait for the bits to raise...take out a AMCE Loan for your second Consultanat & advance your second and final over.
It wins by turn 5...I've seen it win by turn 3...
I'v yet to face or see a runner that can out run this deck....
Err...My Flipper just did. Wow...

  Card Name Cost Points Type
5 × Tycho Extension BANNED 4 4 -
5 × Sleeper 1 -
5 × Data Wall 1 -
4 × Annual Reviews 0
4 × Day Shift 0
6 × Night Shift 0
5 × Project Consultants 12
1 × Planning Consultants 0 -
5 × Accounts Receivable 5 -
5 × Efficiency Experts 0 -
5 × ACME Savings and Loan 0 -
50 Cards 20 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: 3.3 out of 5  (3 Votes) (3 Votes)
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Frank said:

Quite impressive; especially since your Project Consultants give you just enough counters to score your Agendas. I guess you only need the Ice to secure your central data forts since you probably don't bring out the Agendas until you have [12] and a Project Consultatant. I'm curious, whey did you pick Sleeper and Data Wall? One would think that such weak Ice would make you too vulnerable. Cheers, -Frank



RevDon said:

I picked Sleeper & Data wall only due to my own common collection...your only need the Ice to secure your central data forts...
and again don't bring out the Agendas until you have [12] and a Project Consultatants... theory it could be done in 2 turns.



Frank said:

I wonder, have you constructed a Runner deck to beat this one?



RevDon said:

I personaly have never seen, played, or created a a runner deck that can win faster, then this (My version of a classic Psyco Tyco)...
It's totaly not fair to any runner thats faced it Including myself, My wife who knows little of the Stratagey or complexities of Netrunner CCG, just reades what the cards do...and beats me in 3 turns...Ive even tried making a run every turn in hopes I could stumble upon an agenda, but because the corp normaly draws more than 1 card a turn...
the chances of a runner finding adgendas in HQ or R&D before 3 turns...I've never seen it done before...I can't even seem to beat it myself...Trust me I wish I could.



Frank said:

According to my research, Tycho Extension is actually banned, probably because of the unbeatable combo featured in your deck. It's still a good deck if you're playing casually... but probably will get pretty boring for any Runner ;-)



Bierfuizl said:

There are a few runners that can beat psycho tycho: PM+PWS fat stack, bankruptor and the likes. But the reason why Tycho is banned is that PT decks can be played by any monkey. There's zero skill involved. With PM+PWS at least you can kill yourself if you don't pay attention. To win with PT you'll play 2 ARs, 2 PC, 2 Tycho, 1 ACME. To make sure you get those cards asap chuck in a few Annual Reviews. So I'd do something like:

8x Tycho
8x PC
8x AR
8x AnR
8x Cheapo ice



WilsonWeeflerunR said:

Some info for the more casual Netrunner player:
PM+PWS: this refers to the card combo Praying Mantis and Poisoned Water Supply, that allows the runner to give the Corp 7 Bad Publicity in a very fast way.
PT deck: stands for Psycho Tycho, a Corp deck that tries to fast-advance two Tycho Extensions Agenda with the aid of the Operation card Project Consultants and the Node ACME Savings & Loan. This deck can win so ridiculously fast, hence the 'Psycho' part. This deck is the main reason why Tycho extension was banned, in an effort to sustain a play environment where games would last longer then only a few turns.



RevDon said:

Wow..."Tycho Extension is actually banned"...
I could see that happening.
I've Never Played in an Official Game...
Just playing casually is all I've done.
I've been a Judge in Other CCG's And I too would Ban Tycho Extension...
If I may Ask...What are & where do you find the list of Banned cards?



RevDon said:

If and only's like the guys on mythbuster...Don't try this at home- ever!...
But If you are 100% sure that the Corp is playing a PT can know for sure your not going to get those agendas in a sub data fort & hitting HQ is hit and that leaves only one place to get them... R&D...yes run on R&D at every possible chance you get...and giving your self "aditional runs"... possibly Microtech AI Interface & Highlighter will get some use...
I will post my Runner Deck when it beats my Rocket PT...see you on the "Flip" side.



Brian said:

This deck is fairly easy to beat and banning tycho is merely to remove an element of randomnes from tournament play which in rare to say the least.  Precision Bribery is broken against just about every deck and is solid against this deck.  I play four.  Most good runner decks don't just play one bartmoss, they play a dupre and another cheap breaker for walls and short circuits to get them.  Because this deck gives you open access all the time for cheap you can feel free to tutor up your only copy of priority wreck or synchronised attack on HQ or both.  All you really need to do it hit it fast and disrupt its money engine.  You don't have to play a deck dedicated to bit denial.  Armageddon is a strong card against this deck.  Disrupt their game plan then dump counter after counter on them.  They have no defense.  One cheap icebreaker and a tutor and its over. The trick is of course to beat this deck without making your deck stink against other decks.



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