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The 69... or (divide & conquer by 3) NR101

Runner deck submitted by RevDon

I was tryng to show someone how to play & how your basic programs work against this deck came about by example...and kind of stayed in this format.
This is an easy deck to play for newbies...
you have enough of everything you Need...
there is no Theme or Key card needed...
it more like Netrunner 101
now on to the deck...
Your Resources include a good Broker, Some Rigged Investments some posible Short term Contracts and a faithful Fall Guy
got some Classic progams..
Nothing fancy here...
Your ICE breakers include Sentry, Code gate & Wall not to mention a Force Shield
No major hardware, just crusing along on a Nasuko Cycle

  Card Name Cost Type
6 × Force Shield 2 -1 MU
6 × Wizard's Book 5 --1 MU
6 × Loony Goon 4 ---1 MU
6 × Jackhammer 1 ---1 MU
3 × Nasuko Cycle 1 -
3 × Fall Guy 0
6 × Rigged Investments 4
6 × Broker 3 -
3 × Short-Term Contract 1 -
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5  (2 Votes) (2 Votes)
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1 Comment

7OOTnegaTerces said:

I feel the lack of a base link card, especially in light of some of the new trace upgrade cards from Open War, significantly weakens this deck... I'm not sure which one I'd use... I've always liked the combo of Access through Alpha and Nasuko Cycle, as this provides absolute protection from all traces in two cards and for very few bits, but Alpha is kind of expensive.  Back door to Hillard or Runner Sense might be better choices...



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