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Corporation deck submitted by photon79

This is a deck which I have created about two years ago. I have named it after the X cost of Homing Missile and Digiconda but there is more than X to it. Here is the list of the 70 cards (28 agenda points) Long time ago the question was raised whether there is a corporation deck that behaves similar to a runner deck based on the engine Bodyweight Synthetic Blood together with Organ donor. One answer to that is this deck, I believe. The default plan is to score the agendas mostly by fast advancing. The core cards of the engine are AI Chief Financial Officer and Executive Boot Camp (EBC). These enable the corp to gain bits during runs for the cost of discarding from HQ.
When watching this corp in action you will notice that a lot of cards will be moved around in short time: Discards from HQ due to EBC, Cards in Archives and HQ being reshuffled with R&D because of AICFO, Glaciers floating around, (Payback) ICE being sold to Syd Meyers Superstores, bunches of cards being drawn by Corporate Shuffle and installed with Edgerunner. So you see that this deck keeps cards constantly on the move while making a profit out of it.
Main Office Relocation enhances the hand size and thereby the potential amount of bits generated through EBC. Even Glaciers can be moved with bits from EBC. ACME is in there for for surprises and maybe for a jump across the finish line with Project Consultants. Panic Button works well with EBC and generates an endless stream of cards and bits; any agendas obtained that way should be used with CNC and in the next turn again recycled with AICFO. Running activity is beneficial because that creates the corp's income and speed. It has a stand-alone draw engine but no stand-alone money gainers. Its greatest weakness is speed when it meets a solitaire "runner" who does not run.

  Card Name Cost Points Type
5 × AI Chief Financial Officer 5 2 -
8 × Main-Office Relocation 4 3 -
2 × Misleading Access Menus 0 -
2 × Haunting Inquisition 8 -
2 × Homing Missile 4 -
2 × Digiconda 6 ---
2 × Food Fight 4 --
6 × Washed-Up Solo Construct 0 --
4 × Snowbank 0 -
2 × Glacier 0 -
7 × Edgerunner, Inc., Temps 1
5 × Project Consultants 12
8 × Corporate Shuffle 0 -
5 × Executive Boot Camp 0
5 × Syd Meyer Superstores 0 -
3 × ACME Savings and Loan 0 -
2 × Panic Button 1
70 Cards 34 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: n/a
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