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Corporation deck submitted by WilsonWeeflerunR

I feel this deck could be improved; any comments are welcome.

The idea: Your Corp's latest figures were bad and being the suspicious CEO you are, you think vital information is being extracted. This is why you decided this quarter, it's necessary to push through some 'Security Purges' to stop the breach. Of course you yourself will need to put in some extra time to oversee things. Just be careful not to become too invested!

Play overview: You need to score a Purge ASAP! Asp or Scramble should protect your first Purge. Haunting Inquisition could also get you the turns in which you can install and score it. Setting up a Purge to score it + playing a Planning Consultants to maximize the effect is the difficult, but also fun part of the deck. The deck has 27 ICE in it, so you are bound to get some rewards from a scored Security Purge.
Lots of risk, but lots of fun!

  Card Name Cost Points Type
9 × Security Purge 3 2 -
4 × Scramble 3 -
3 × Haunting Inquisition 8 -
4 × Liche 14 ---
2 × Cinderella 8 ----
2 × Mastiff 12 -----
4 × Asp 4 --
4 × Colonel Failure 17 --
2 × Wall of Ice 13 -
2 × Glacier 0 -
5 × Planning Consultants 0 -
2 × Siren 3
2 × Dr. Dreff 0 -
45 Cards 18 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5  (2 Votes) (2 Votes)
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