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Rent To Own

Corporation deck submitted by WilsonWeeflerunR

Playing this deck is as easy as rezzing a Colonel Failure for free: just smack him on the fort you want him to patrol and Rent-to-Own his azz!
If you fear inside jobs, just lay double or triple layers!
Since the Rent payments will leave you virtually bitless, The BBS Campaigns are there to ensure that you can advance an agenda two times during a turn. ICE them if you can. They will help avoid that an agenda needs to sit in your Subsidiary Data Fort for longer then two turns.
Scoring a Remapping agenda will provide you the option to stop a run cold when the Runner gets too close. The Bizarre Encryption Schemes will also help you to get the two turns you need to score your Agenda.
Big ICE and lots of headaches for the Runner, that's the way I like my Corp deck!

P.S.: You can substitute the Colonels for Liches if you don't have many of them.

  Card Name Cost Points Type
2 × Corporate War 3 3 -
3 × Data Fort Remapping 4 2 -
3 × Superserum 3 2 -
3 × Haunting Inquisition 8 -
10 × Colonel Failure 17 --
1 × Wall of Ice 13 -
2 × Glacier 0 -
3 × Off-Site Backups 0
10 × Rent-to-Own Contract 0 -
2 × Vapor Ops 0
1 × Fortress Architects 0
3 × BBS Whispering Campaign 0 -
2 × Bizarre Encryption Scheme 0
45 Cards 18 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5  (3 Votes) (3 Votes)
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