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Tnega's Bankrupter

Runner deck submitted by 7OOTnegaTerces

For a draw engine, I've got my regulars at the Short Circuit who like to help me out (roughly 50% program deck), and a debit line on Mantis that the Junkyard BBS can always launder. I admit M&JBBS is not all that fast, but a) almost half of my cards are programs, b) I only need Mantis to get six cards to begin the Piggy-Lock, and c) My deck currently has 91 cards (big, I know, but so far it works). I looked at some decks online, and have considered switching to a more run-of-the-mill, Jack'n'Joe, method, possibly using some Shell Traders and Loans to lay down cards, but I'm not yet convinced that that really is faster (considering the early need of only a few specific cards for my strategy).

For a bit engine, I use some Filters on three different Newsgroups (Is there anything that can beat going from 0 to 18 with one action left over to make a run? Not to mention all the left over bits from the mostly 1-3 bit installing costs). My breaker suite consists of Rent-I-Con, backed up by Pattel and Joan. Though I have read comments that hinted Bartmoss & Joan as a better early hitter suite...

Ive also got two Shredder Uplink Protocol to be able to make a double run on HQ whenever I feel the need. For those of you who contest this and my NGF usage, Ill give you my logic. The Official NetRunner Rulebook (which I treat as the final golden word) states that: The effects of cards are cumulative, as applicable, unless the cards specify otherwise (pg. 32, par. 2).

Thus if cards effects can be combined, then having multiple copies of a card out should change game play. And the only way that would be is if Pay X and do Y changes to Pay X and do Y for each card in play. The only time this wouldnt work is: a) with deck, unique, regional, etc. cards that only let you use one at a time (cards specify otherwise), or b) with something like Obfuscated Fortress, where attempting to multiply the effect doesnt really make sense (as applicable). Or to put it more simply: if you weren't supposed to multiply the effects of a card, it would prohibit simultaneous multiple card use (deck, unique, etc.). Case Closed.

So thats my deck. Any tweaks to make it strong in the early game would be appreciated. I dont know what the strategy for beating a PT is, so thats why Im turning this over to you guys. Any hints, suggestions, or comments would be GREATLY appreciated.

(Comment as you see fit)

My Runner Strategy:

Playing the game, I have come to the conclusion that in order to win (unless youre going for a BP kill), you have to run. Obvious, I know, but Im not talking about just stealing agendas. While some have promoted a sit-and-peek strategy with Lover & Mouse, I feel that to really be on top of the Corp and not let then slip a fast one past you, youve got to be on your toes and run frequently, just in order to stay in shape. Which is why I use viruses, which reward frequent running and slow the Corp down every time they code trash. Eventually this led me to The Bankrupter, which I feel is the ultimate killer Runner strategyThe Bankrupter!  (How do you like the name?  I don't feel its very NetRunner-ish, got a better one?)

The Bankrupter:
(Im starting from an already set-up mid-early game point, as my beginning will hopefully change in the near future):

First I clean out the Corp's bank accounts by convincing three accountants to finance their dream holiday with a little Credit Subversion. Between that and the money the Corp just spent rezzing ICE, they usually have nada left over. I make sure that my three little accountants stay useful with a Time to Collect, which I pick back up a the local Junkyard BBS. If I haven't already, I put a hold on any expansion plans the Corp may have had with some very Precise Bribery.

I then acquire some Schematic and Expert Schedule programs, while continuing to make at least one run on HQ every other turn, both to keep the Corp dirt broke, and keep on top of them. I eventually automate the Piggy-Lock with a crooked Taxman and three Code Viral Cache. In-between and after this I eliminate any SDF with either a Superglue and some Forged Activation Orders, or a Start-up Emulator (for the [2] to [0] rez cost ICE).

And the lock is complete. The Corp now can do nothing, as they never have enough money to remove the Bribery (Cant install an Agenda in a SDF => Cant score said Agenda => Cant win game. I don't think a Tag'n'bag or other means of winning could work either... No money, no SDF!) or the - at least - three CVC (which by this point are protected by two TTC) protecting my Taxman.

The only way they could get rid of Bribery is by acquiring fifteen bits over multiple turns (Keep in mind that they will loose three bits every turn, the exact amount they could make by just getting bits, which means they would have to use Operations - before you access and trash them with Vienna & Cascade - and hope that you're to dumb to notice what they are doing and sick your three Credit Subverting accountants on them).

There is a variety of ways one could win at this point. One might consider infecting the Corp's system with Scaldan to possibly kill them before the lock is even completed. However, I'd much rather complete the lock and watch the Corp go red in the face as they realize that they can do absolutely nothing and are doomed to slowly and painfully loose the game.

Thus I decided to give all the employees in HQ and R&D a triple case of the Pox (effectively preventing the Corp from being able to put anything on either fort), removing all ICE (or at least any that costs [3] or less) and using Highlighter & Garbage to search for Agendas while making sure the Corp only gets the cards they can't use.

  Card Name Cost Type
4 × Joan of Arc 0 -1 MU
1 × Enterprise, Inc., Shields BANNED 0 -1 MU
1 × Expert Schedule Analyzer 0 -1 MU
3 × Newsgroup Filter 5 -2 MU
2 × Shredder Uplink Protocol 4 -2 MU
1 × Startup Immolator 0 -1 MU
1 × Schematics Search Engine 2 -1 MU
1 × Superglue 2 -1 MU
13 × Afreet 2 --1 MU
1 × Rent-I-Con 3 --2 MU
1 × Crumble 3 --1 MU
1 × Garbage In 3 --1 MU
1 × Highlighter 3 --1 MU
1 × Taxman 3 --1 MU
1 × Vienna 22 3 --1 MU
1 × Pattel's Virus 1 --1 MU
1 × Pox 0 --1 MU
2 × Incubator 0 ---1 MU
4 × All-Nighter 0
1 × Gideon's Pawnshop 2
17 × Mantis, Fixer-at-Large 3
1 × Security Code WORM Chip 0 -
1 × Forged Activation Orders 1 -
2 × Militech MRAM Chip 2 --
1 × Nasuko Cycle 1 -
16 × Code Viral Cache 1
1 × Access Through Alpha 9 -
1 × Junkyard BBS 1 -
1 × The Short Circuit 1 -
2 × Time to Collect 0 -
1 × Silicon Saloon Franchise 8 -
3 × Credit Subversion 0 --
1 × Death from Above 0 --
1 × Precision Bribery 0 -
Overall Rating: n/a
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RevDon said:

You Can't combine Mutiple use of 3 Newsgroup Filters in one Action, ie 3 Newsgroup Filters in play use 3 actions... each Newsgroup Filter Action Gains 2 bits = 2 bits x 3 actions = total of 6 bits
An Action icon = action must be spent
You can't use 2 Shredder Uplink Protocols to Double your run.
Each Shredder Uplink Protocol has an Action icon so 2 actions must be spent to use 2 Shredder Uplink Protocols  



RevDon said:

oh...and... "a five ounce bird cannot carry a 1 pound coconut"
you wanna run faster, you gota take the weight off...
Just take a look at the avg deck size thats posted here...that should give you a clue as to overall gearth... I have multiple decks posted, not even my Corp decks exced 50 cards...
think about it...I would like to see another Deck from you, But no more than 60 cards in total, ok



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