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Loop deck (By Wyatt Cheng)

Corporation deck submitted by RevDon

Let me start by saying that this it not my design...I found this on Geocities back in 1998

First) It has a reasonable chance to score an agenda out of hand on turn 1 or turn 2

Second) It has a fairly good chance of LOOPING bt turn 6, a a fairly high chance by turn 8

When I say LOOP, I'm refering to Infinite actions and Infinite bits.

Now on to the Deck created by Wyatt Cheng.

How To Play: will follow in the comments.

  Card Name Cost Points Type
6 × AI Chief Financial Officer 5 2 -
2 × Employee Empowerment 4 3 -
1 × Filter 0 -
1 × Quandary 2 -
1 × Sleeper 1 -
1 × Data Wall 1 -
1 × Data Wall 2.0 2 -
1 × Wall of Static 3 -
2 × Edgerunner, Inc., Temps 1
4 × Project Consultants 12
11 × Team Restructuring 1
6 × Credit Consolidation 10 -
3 × Accounts Receivable 5 -
5 × Pacifica Regional AI 0 -
45 Cards 18 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5  (3 Votes) (3 Votes)
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1 Comment

RevDon said:

How to play:
Try to score AI Chief Financial Officer ASAP, The Deck can't win unless it scores that first AI Chief Financial Officer.
Once thats done, try to get 12-13 bits...
Then CFO and draw till you can start a turn with 2 Pacifica Regional AI and 1, preferably 2 Team Restructuring in hand...
Action 1: Install Pacifica Regional AI
Action 2: Install Pacifica Regional AI
Action 3: Team Restructuring
(one counter left > AI CFO, Draw 5, pray for another Team Restructuring

Continue to CFO to get 2 Team Restructuring in hand, play both

In cold play like this...
Turn 1: Accounts, Accounts, ice
Turn 2: Credit, draw, ice
Turn 3: Credit, Credit, draw
Turn 4: AI CFO, Project, advance
Turn 5: CFO, CFO, CFO, ect
Turn 6: Regional AI, Regional AI, Team Restructuring...wheeee



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