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Flipper Vs. PT

Runner deck submitted by RevDon

I did it...I finaly out ran my Rocket PT deck...
This deck was only built to Take on a PT deck...
knowing the Ice will be "nominal" and Non leathal, there is Nothing saving you from DMG...No Link cards, or tag prevention cards...
So use this deck at your own risk,

I only used this deck aginst my PT, knowing my oppenent would be using a PT...I had to liberate thise Agendas from R&D...Before they get into HQ...drawing, running, using Highlighter & Data Crech, All Nighter, Rush Hour and when the ice was to thick a quick change to a Priviate LDL Access, the real Key was using the AI Interface to bury cards already seen by previous really you have to start flipping R&D ASAP...

Still Only beats my PT 75% of the time...not a 100% effective...but a least this Batter is up to plate...I call it "Flipper"

  Card Name Cost Type
1 × Microtech AI Interface 0 -1 MU
3 × Krash 0 --1 MU
2 × Highlighter 3 --1 MU
3 × All-Nighter 0
10 × Bodyweight™ Synthetic Blood 2
4 × Livewire's Contacts 0
2 × Private LDL Access 0
2 × Valu-Pak Software Bundle 0
2 × Rush Hour 3
6 × Militech MRAM Chip 2 --
2 × Bodyweight™ Data Crèche 3 -
8 × Loan from Chiba 0
Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5  (2 Votes) (2 Votes)
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