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Encrypted A.I.

Corporation deck submitted by Brian

This deck uses the four of rule.  We use this rule and ignore bannings when we play.  It reduces randomness and makes the game less paper rock scissors like.

This deck is based around the 2/2/3 agenda score.  The idea is that in order to win you have to score 3 agendas, but for your opponent to win he will either have to score four agendas (four two point agendas) or flatline himself.

The deck has very little in teh way of dangerous elements but the ones it does have are extremely potent.  In its own strange way it encourages the opponent to be a bit reckless.  One reason for not playing many of these elements is that they are typically expensive and Emergency self-construct is only a short-circuit away.  i know of no runners that do not play short circuit in multiples with and emergency self-construct.  

This deck does ont try to prevent the opponent from successfully running but instead created too many doors to run upon, makes it inefficient to run on those doors, and makes a play mistake of our opponents into a gamebreaker.  It is very difficult to know where to run against this deck.  Decks which are narrow are very easily beaten if you can identify them.

Encryption breakthrough is a very powerful agenda that pays for itself and makes it more inneficient for the runner to run.

Typically you will want to score Encryption Breakthrough, Encryption Breakthrough, Fetal A.I.  This is the most common agenda scoring avenue.  You do not need to try to win fast with this deck.  It slow plays the opponent and grinds him down bit by bit, action by action.

  Card Name Cost Points Type
1 × AI Chief Financial Officer 5 2 -
2 × Fetal AI 5 3 ---
1 × Data Fort Remapping 4 2 -
4 × Encryption Breakthrough 5 2 -
3 × Ball and Chain 2 -
4 × Misleading Access Menus 0 -
3 × Haunting Inquisition 8 -
4 × Too Many Doors 1 -
4 × Annual Reviews 0
4 × Encoder, Inc. 0
1 × Experimental AI 2 --
4 × Corporate Negotiating Center 0 -
2 × City Surveillance 1 -
2 × Rescheduler 0 -
1 × Namatoki Plaza 3
2 × Red Herrings 1
3 × New Galveston City Grid 1 -
45 Cards 18 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5  (2 Votes) (2 Votes)
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1 Comment

WilsonWeeflerunR said:

I think the deck is rather light on ice (only 14). Also you use 4 Encoder, Inc. and only 10 Code Gates. You could benefit more from the Encoders by using more Ball and Chains. I am not a fan of the 2 Reschedulers in the deck or the Namatoki Plaza. The Reschedulers use actions that could be spent more wisely and they do not guarantee a 'better' draw. Also the agenda's you use in the deck have quite a high difficulty, which gives the runner more opportunities to score them before you can.
But thanks for sharing the deck.



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