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Risky Bussines

Corporation deck submitted by RevDon

Through Employee Empowerment your Main Office Relocation is under way. This caused several individuals to take the Night Shift, while others remained on the Day Shift. Via a BBS Whispering Campaign,news is buzzing that its nothing but Red Herrings for a Setup! This does not give us time to install ICE, and this news really going to cause a huge Management Shake-Up.

  Card Name Cost Points Type
2 × Employee Empowerment 4 3 -
4 × Main-Office Relocation 4 3 -
3 × Management Shake-Up 10
4 × Day Shift 0
4 × Night Shift 0
4 × Credit Consolidation 10 -
4 × Accounts Receivable 5 -
4 × Efficiency Experts 0 -
4 × BBS Whispering Campaign 0 -
6 × Setup! 0 -
6 × Red Herrings 1
45 Cards 18 Agenda Points
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5  (3 Votes) (3 Votes)
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1 Comment

RevDon said:

You might notice that something is missing...your right...NO might be asking "What a Corp with no ICE?" Thats why I Call Risky Business



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