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The Efficient(tm) Deck

Runner deck submitted by skp

This is obviously an Organ Donor bit engine, but it plays a little differently based on what type of corp deck you are playing against. In general, there are 3 types:

1. Speed Decks, like Psycho Tycho, which try to win in 3-5 turns given an optimal draw
2. Tag-N-Bag decks
3. Everything else

Against a slow deck, this deck typically sets up in 15 or 17 actions.

Those 15 actions are:
BSBx8, Organ Donor x3, Militech MRAM Chip x2, Bodyweight Data Creche, Valu-Pak out R&D Protocol Files, Microtech AI Interface, and the 3 icebreakers

Against Tag-N-Bag, install your Militech MRAM Chips and dig for Identity Donors.  After you use 3, he can't try to Bag you any more.  Use MIT West Tier to recycle them.

Against Speed Decks, disrupt them by either grabbing the appropriate icebreaker using Self-Modifying Code and/or BSBing for them.  Use Valu-Pak to drop multiple programs at a time.  Use R&D Protocol Files and Microtech AI Interface to minimize useful cards corp will draw.

  Card Name Cost Type
1 × Microtech AI Interface 0 -1 MU
1 × R&D-Protocol Files 0 -1 MU
2 × Self-Modifying Code 2 -2 MU
1 × Codecracker 2 --1 MU
1 × Loony Goon 4 ---1 MU
1 × Jackhammer 1 ---1 MU
15 × Bodyweight™ Synthetic Blood 2
3 × MIT West Tier 3
5 × Organ Donor 0
1 × Valu-Pak Software Bundle 0
1 × Promises, Promises 2
4 × Identity Donor 0 -
1 × Hunt Club BBS 1 -
1 × Forged Activation Orders 1 -
1 × Demolition Run 4 -
4 × Militech MRAM Chip 2 --
2 × Bodyweight™ Data Crèche 3 -
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5  (1 Vote) (1 Vote)
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photon79 said:

Nice deck. It has a stable quick engine and a straightforward plan to win.

I suggest as alternative breakers Matador, Skeleton Passkeys and Pile Driver.

The defense against meat damage is sufficient but what is there against Closed Accounts, Street Enforcer and Shock Treatment? Since I cannot see the direct benefit of Forged Activation Orders for this deck's plan, I suggest to replace it with a Total Genetic Retrofit and replace other cards with a Vintage Camaro and/or with a Base Link.



skp said:

Oops I forgot to mention, this deck existed before the Classic expansion. Closed Accounts is not a problem as the bit engine activates for free -- against Tag-N-Bag just make sure you don't hoard bits.  

Street Enforcer is problematic though in an efficient Tag-N-Bag deck you usually don't need a lot of bits (and your bit engine activates for free).  In a worst case scenario, you can try to deck the corp and/or steal agendas when he tries to advance them if he puts Street Enforcer on R&D.  

Shock Treatment is annoying but can be gotten around (with MIT West Tier).

I haven't seen a lot of tournament decks which are a hybrid Tag-N-Bag and Fast Advancement, so to some extent it's a metagame thing, as hybrid decks fair very poorly to a wide variety of other decks I don't think you'd see them in a tournament setting.

The Forged Activation Orders is used either as a ploy to get the Corp to waste bits on an ice you don't care about, or to get them to rez a piece of ice which you can then use Demolition Run on.

The breakers are a matter of personal preference, and don't matter so much, as the plan is to Demolition Run (multiple times) R&D anyway against slower decks, and fast advancement decks use such low power ice anything will do.



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