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Fortunately, the Third Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Session of the judicial reform has made a major decision, taken a very critical step. There was a President of the Court said that this is a profound change for our judicial system in the past, ideas, ways and means of change are likely to be disruptive, we must adapt to this era, echoes this era, this is the rule of law in the spring. Therefore, Zhou Yongkang completely eliminate the impact caused by the case, it should be more than one aspect, it should be comprehensive, which is to require anti-corruption, rule of law and reforms proposed by the party and the people have high expectations.

Three questions Heilongjiang police forced detainees wife devotion case! I do not know Heilongjiang prisoners ahead of a move, or Heilongjiang prison management is really bad. Last September, Harbin three prisoners Killer case, only the last four months or so, took place in Heilongjiang police detainees in prison, his wife forced a relationship. Is simply unheard of, incredible. May be that is so, but it happens to actually happen, the finger of blame is pointed directly against the police itself, obviously ironic. January 21, according to Xinhua News Agency reported that several independent news sources revealed to reporters, Heilongjiang province Nehe prison inmates Wang together people use the micro-channel fraud cases, at least three female victims, one of the victims cheated totaling 80000 Yuan. He also adopted the nude chat, etc.

get at least one female nude, and make threats. One of the victims of police husband, due to unbearable harassment of its threat, in November 2014 to Nehe prison and prosecution system to report the case and therefore the incident. As the prisoners were being kept in a cage, but also the ability to be so amazing, it is worth asking too many places: a question: Just how chaotic prison? Chaos to become a ghost guards. As the saying goes, money talks, the ghost has launched a kind of a grind. Just four months time, Heilongjiang Province there were two consecutive prison chaos events. Wang overwhelmed by all the practices and performance, again staggering, it can be seen clearly in the end how much chaos in the prison.

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