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It should be stressed that the military will not allow corrupt elements hiding place. The occurrence of cases of corruption in the military, regardless of what people relate to, post high, we will insist on a check in the end, will not be tolerated. It can be said so many heavyweight investigate army tiger, it showed strong determination from strictly and distinctive attitude. Eighth session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the just-concluded Central Discipline Inspection Commission, for the first time invited participants military discipline inspection commission members, it illustrates the importance for military corruption.

It can be predicted that the future will intensify military corruption, does not rule out military Tigers still sacked. Secondly, corruption is a real show no restricted area, and the focus is relatively prominent. Eighteen years, the center has increased the anti-corruption efforts, whether it is to investigate the level of officials, has come to the national tiger, or to industries or areas involved are unusual, focused, there are three obvious One is the army, then one is financial, as well as a state-owned enterprises, which are currently more serious corruption in the field, but also in the party in the country and the people deeply affected, must resolutely and thoroughly wipe out corruption. Finally, the description of the investigation focused on military tiger Dugan, what not to check, highlighting Tiger's confidence. It should be said, the military is more sensitive areas, so many military Tigers scored eleven Dugan, what kind of tiger dare not destroyed, it is not only the determination, as well as self-confidence.

Some industries, areas where there are still a number of tigers, they imagined confrontation, obstruction and counterattack the fight against corruption, it is wishf ul thinking, presumptuous.

Therefore, the military announced tiger centralized case, is to give this gro up of corrupt officials with great awe, or to some small group, a small gang to warn, do not continue clique, cliques, not paranoid obstruct reform, anti-corruption cause it. The new year, once again demonstrated the determination of the central anti-corruption Rectification Movement, and vowed to take resolute Tiger flies, for those lucky enough to still the heart of a tiger or a fly, it is no way out. December 26 to 28, a think tank in the first culture strategy seminar held in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Some well-known commentator, professional and technical staff and some experts and scholars from universities and research institutions nationwide major sites of a total of 20 people participated in the seminar. Seminar is divided into political and economic, in the Taiwan Strait military, culture, education, history of nihilism, dissemination media and other five teams are discussed.

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