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the Instagram photo which you

07/20/2015 New Instagram Photo of Selena Gomez Kissing Justin Bieber Photo Link Selena Gomez seems to have acquired her boyfriend, Justin Bieber love of taking random photos and posting them on her Instagram account. For a long time, the Who Says? singer doggedly tried to downplay her feelings for the Biebs at least to keep them to herself. Or perhaps she simply didn want to seem to wear her heart on her sleeve. Whatever the case, the Monte Carlo star seems to have had a very obvious change of heart. The other day, Selena snapped and posted a pic of herself giving Justin Bieber a great big kiss. Sort of.

From the looks of the Instagram photo which you can see by clicking here, Selena Gomez has given up playing coy about the fact that she over heels in love with Justin Bieber. She just can resist kissing him. Even when he not around. So, found one of his Someday perfume cardboard cutouts in a department store and kissed it instead. Hey, whatever blows Selena Gomez dress up. You can follow her on Twitter.

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