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How To Set up an Appliance Parts Warehouse

Check out how many appliance parts warehouses operate in your community and surrounding areas.

Visit appliance stores in your area and check if they sell spare parts for the brands that they carry. List down the types of household appliances they have, as well as the brands and models. This will give you a general idea of what models and brands your neighbors patronize.

Visit service centers and find out where they get their parts, what types of appliances are repaired frequently, and what parts are replaced often. Know their source for hardtofind replacement parts. Ask if they keep common parts in stock and where they get the parts. Get referrals if you can.

Consider franchising an existing appliance parts [b][url=]Isabel Marant[/url][/b] warehouse chain. Know the legalities, limitations and conditions when you opt to be a franchisee. Check the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission and existing federal, state and city laws that apply.

2. Call manufacturers and genuine parts makers. You now have a fair idea of how large your market will be. Call the major home appliance manufacturers and inquire on how to get stock of their home appliance parts, terms and conditions. Check if they will provide training and certification. Also, look into the possibility of carrying hardtofind replacement parts for older appliance models.

3. Decide on your location. Make a decision on where your warehouse will be. Your major consideration is to choose a location that is easy to find. You can also consider selling online.

4. Legal and financial considerations. You have to know how to get financing for your business, get business registration, determine the taxes to the paid and create supporting documents for your business. Seek the services of a business lawyer. Formulate your business policies, terms and conditions and other legal matters.

5. Decide on staff to hire. Will your warehouse be a momandpop operation or will it be big enough to require more staff. You and your [b][url=]isabel marant shoes[/url][/b] staff should receive factory training and be certified in handling a wide assortment of household appliances and models. You have to be qualified to provide the service for your clients. Decide also if you will only sell the parts or if you will also accept repairs and hire the qualified staff accordingly.

6. Get an appropriate software. Your appliance parts warehouse will carry a large inventory. Invest in inventory software that can handle inventory, stock replenishment alerts, online sales and inquiries.

7. Marketing and merchandising. Home appliance manufacturers can provide you with limited copies of appliance manuals or link to their sites. Provide your customers with diagrams and detailed instructions on how to replace parts, free of charge. Conduct networking with other related businesses.

8. Business association certification and membership. Apply for membership in business associations. Ask manufacturers if they issue certificates to show that you are a genuine parts dealer.

Creating your own appliance parts warehouse is a fulltime occupation with plenty of details to plan and iron out. With these steps in mind, however, you should be able to pull it [b][url=]isabel marant shoes for sale[/url][/b] off and begin to make a living out of your appliance parts warehouse.

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