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Hamilton goes on the


Ralph Lauren Model Fired for Being Too BIG

SwedishFrench model Filippa Hamilton goes on the Today Show this morning to expose Ralph Lauren reasoning for firing her. Filippa claims the highend designer told her agency that she was too big and didn fit in the sample size clothes anymore. At 5 120 pounds and a size 4, Filippa says her weight has not fluctuated since she started working for the company at age fifteen.

Filippa issues started when she saw a poorly photo shopped picture of herself she was appalled when she saw her head on this too skinny body (image below). She felt like after this image she had to speak out and make it clear that she does not approve and was offended. She has been working for Ralph Lauren since she was 15 and felt like they were her family; it was very surprising that she was let go for her size. Modeling goes through cycles: Starting with the Marilyn Monroe era when natural curves were beautiful and women did not workout or suppress their appetites, they flaunted their hips, butts, breasts; then came Twiggy, skinny and unshapely was considered beautiful, women looked like bobble heads; next was the Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford era when women learned that by working out they could change their bodies; fit was in, sexy was Sports Illustrated models, athletic and toned; enter Kate Moss and super skinny, the girls created and styled by Rachel Zoe: Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, these women who were unhealthily loosing weight to fit a or ideal.

Our society is crazy with body image, we are seeing images hourly of photo shopped and retouched women looking like the ideal. No wonder girls have low selfesteem, their role models are unreal, completely unnatural. I am glad this Ralph Lauren model is speaking out about the industry, it is a known issue but not publicly talked about through media outlets.

Some brands like Dove and Walmart are creating selfesteem programs where girls are surrounded by positive role models, do clinics to make themselves feel beautiful and secure in their skin. If only more companies would catch on.

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