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Profession:Intl. Logistics Forwarder
Movies:V for Vendetta, Strange Days, Alien saga, Star Wars saga, Matrix saga, LA Story, Eraserhead, No Country for Old Men, The Dark Knight, Rocky, A Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, Old Boy, Sin City, The Warriors, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Hellboy
Literature:The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy (Adams), Vlad Taltos saga (Zoltan K. Brust), JD Salinger, DBC Pierre, Asimov
Music:dEUS, Tool, The Libertines, The Who, Pink Floyd, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Soul Coughing, Morphine
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Name Cards Side
Overtime! 45 Runner
ICEPurge 45 Corporation
Rent To Own 45 Corporation
The Nasty Code Gate Deck v2.011 55 Corporation
The Drawing Board 45 Corporation
1/15 ICE Evasion 46 Runner
Great Wall of Chiba 45 Corporation
Bozomatic / HyperClown / CrazyClowns 50 Runner
Don't Blink! 49 Runner
Fast Artificial Security Directors / Corp War 45 Corporation
World Domination (c Frisco Del Rosario) 45 Corporation
The Short Stack (c Byron 'Neal' Massey) 45 Runner
HYHAD (c David Liu) 46 Runner
TagMe 45 Runner
First Amendment (c Byron 'Neal' Massey) 46 Runner
Ka-BOOM! 45 Corporation
Bankruptor 45 Runner
Golden 15 45 Corporation
Newsgroup Taunting 45 Corporation
Drugtrade 45 Runner
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First Belgium, then the World  Belgium
NetherSpace  United Dutch Orbital Network
About Me

My name is Steve and I'm from Antwerp, Belgium, looking for Netrunner players!

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Evenwiser said:


I'm looking for a few cards to complete my collection and was wondering whether you might be able to help me. I don't have much to offer by way of trading, but I might be interested in buying these cards.

Can you please have a look at my list and tell me if some of your extra rares match the ones I'm looking for?

From the base set
Falsified Transactions Expert (Operation)
City Surveillance (Node - Gray Ops)
Encoder, Inc. (Node)
Executive Extraction (Agenda - Black Ops)
Cortical Scanner (Ice - Code Gate)
Laser Wire (Ice - Wall)
Nerve Labyrinth (Ice - Code Gate)
Tutor (Ice - Code Gate)
MIT West Tier (Prep)
Deep Thought (Program - Virus)
Netspace Inverter (Program)
Full Body Conversion (Hardware)
Quest for Cattekin (Resource)
Top Runners' Conference (Resource)

From Proteus
Promises, Promises (Prep)
Back Door to Netwatch (Resource - Hidden - Bad Publicity)

From Classic
Reclamation Project (Operation - Double)

Please let me know if you have multiple copies of any or all of these cards.

Thanks for your time.




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