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Hi, I am Fabian and I have gathered a small Netrunner gaming community at Koblenz (where I also run tournaments from time to time), but I also play the game online.
I have been playing Netruuner since 1998.


Neuro8 said:

Heya Frizz! Me and Ruminant were interested in a multiplayer game. When are you usually online? Lackey?



Aidan said:

Hello! my collection is currently just a sealed starter but I'm buying more cards so I will update it soon. Copy it down before then! I read, I think on board game geek, of a program that randomly generates decks with the card ratio of a starter set.



Andrew said:

Hey Frizzler
I'm in the states and have no one who even knows what Netrunner is anywhere near me. I want to get back into it though. What online option do you recommend?
Many thanks



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