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Tolosa City Grid  Toulouse
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I'm 33 and I live in Toulouse, southern France.

I discovered Netrunner in 1997, thanks to an article by Stphane Bura in the french magazine "Lotus Noir" (black lotus). I was a MTG-player, but with a friend of mine we decided to try NR... and we enjoyed it! Unfortunately, it has never been popular in my city and finding players was very difficult. A few years later, I lost my whole collection.

Please contact me to arrange a online game. If you live in Toulouse or nearby, we could meet in the real world as well :)

See you!


Frank said:

It's great to see this growing into an international community. Many greetings to France.



Jeremiah said:

Play online with LackeyCCG.... I am always trying to find a game there.... my e-mail is if you wanna play.



Whismeryl said:

Merci pour le coup de pouce ! ;)



Duke70'S said:

Hello depuis Paris City Grid... ;-)
Comment vas le sud ?



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