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Thomas said:

I'm grasping for straws to raise money right now and have come to the conclusion that i will have to sell my collection if possible. Cards are all perfect condition and I have no clue which ones are interesting (never been traded or split so not cherry picked). In all I ahve 513 v1.0 Limited cards and 75 2.1 Proteus cards.



Iain said:

Hi there,

I have a small collection available for sale. It consists of 478 cards for the corp, 479 for the runner with some cards, not sure how many, from the expansion. I am based in the uk. Make me a fare offer and they are yours.





Thomas said:

I haven't set a price but rely on the buyers fairness as I have no clue what they are worth. I am from Sweden. I thought I had a buyer but I haven't heard from him in some while so I guess he changed his mind.



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