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Hi Everyone !

i'm a french player who began to play games with Magic the Gathering.
Magic was cool but the backgroud and mechanics ( mana full and death) didn't pleased me as much as my friend so i began around 1998 to try other games ( L5R, Star wars ccg, VTES...)
i played at this time in a game store called Ostelen ( THE game store in Paris who doesn't exists anymore ... snif)
one day there ( in november 1999 when Classic came out), a seller told me to try Netrunner ( a game that i've never heard before ...) so i bought 1 starter and 3 boosters to play an omniligue...
i opened the boosters and my very first react was " mmmm it is strange, dark, some cards awful, ... it looked strange...)
a player helped me to build a sealed with that and we began to play...

Waow !!!!!!!!!!! a very big slam in my face !! how astonished the game was, very  original, immersive, skilled needed ...

I began to buy boosters and trade cards 6 months later i had the entire collection and played to the french Nationals in november 2000 where i finished 6 just before my mentor Mescam Yannick !

since that date i've never stopped playing Netrunner, this is a very very very good game with a great replay value ( especially in sealed) no game today can be compared to it and i dream that one day Netrunner could be reprinted ...

you can find the NetrunnerFrance Page on Facebook here :!/pages/NetrunnerFrance/117003361705752

I've created a second profil here ("WormholeTrade"), you can watch my trade/sell collection on this profil

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Omid said:

Hello, ca va pas etre possible pour moi ce WE dsl. On remet a  Juin.

@ bientot au poliveau :p



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