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Well, Hell...

I've been obsessing over this game for some time now, but of course, as we all know, the availability of both the Players, and the Cards themselves, are a bit of a scarcity...

So, it Saddens me (and Shames me) to Report...
That I actually have absolutely no Cards at this time.

There is one friend, and one friend only,  that I know for a fact would play this with me (If I finally acquired some cards) But he's busy being in the Military. So. There's that.

SO - What I would really love, is to just find some other Oregonians, who would be kind enough to possibly let me sit in on one of their gaming sessions, to finally see how a game actually works, when you get right down to it.

(I can only read so much (about something so awesome) Before it drives me Insane...)

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WormholeSurfer said:

JUst find decks here, print yours cards and go to some gaming store near you, i'm pretty sure you'll find players !

the best with this game is that the player who will play with You doesn't really need a deck since you have 2 ...

Good luck!



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