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I love this game because of my fascination with the cyber punk genre. Unfortunately, it's hard to find people to play with these days, so I built this site in order to create a community of people who are both players and collectors of this game. I hope you enjoy using this site as much as I enjoy building it.

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lechaz said:

Congratulations for the website, Frank, it is very well designed! Enjoying the game is easier as it's so rare and difficult to find players in the real world... that's the miracle of the internet :-)



Dindo said:

Hi Frank,

Kudos on the Site.  I've been playing here in Manila since it came out way back 96.  I'm just lucky my friends kept their cards.  We haven't played in years but lately there's been a resurgence of  netrunning.  I'm also a fan of the genre, having grown up in W. Gibson, P.K. Dick & N. Stephenson novels and R. Talsorian RPGs. Have you read BESM's Ex Machina?  It's a must-read, trust me on that.  More power with the site.



Ubiq said:

Hey Frank. I'm very glad to have found this site. It's an awesome idea. Haven't read W. Gibson (yet), but enjoyed P.K. Dick a lot.



WilsonWeeflerunR said:

Hi Frank, great job you're doing here! I love visiting here for all the info that's available. The Netruner community can only benefit from your efforts.



SlumbrngHok said:

Frank this site is really impressive.  I wouldn't normally have bothered even considering playing an oop game - but this site makes me think that there's something worth the effort here.  So good job :) you're doing what WOTC couldn't be bothered to do.



RevDon said:

Hi Frank, I too say thanks for this site
If I may Ask...What are & where do you find the list of Banned cards?
Thanks Don



WormholeSurfer said:

Hi Franck, this place is becomed THE Netrunner place in the 'Net so just Thank You so much !

Without you things that we all did together here would'nt have been possible .

Does anyone has alreday used the Paypal donation button ?

don't you think it is time to ? ;)
just a little thing to reward the work of our great Webmaster ...
i am personnaly thinking to give around 10 dollars ...

i am making Franck's promotion but it's important if we want to see our best site alive no ?



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