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Profession:Web design, programming, etc.
Movies:Blade Runner, True Romance, Kalifornia, Glreaming The Cube, SLC Punk
Literature:Neuromancer (anything by Gibson), classics, sci-fi, fantasy
Music:All kinds, from hard rock to glam rock to heavy/black metal to techno and pop.
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Emerald City Sprawl  Seattle, WA
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Always wanted to play this game as I have been a cyberpunk fan for years. I played MTG in middle school back in the mid 1990's so all my money went into MTG and never did get a Netrunner deck even though they sold them at my card shop back in the day. Well, years later, I finally got around to getting one, so now I have a starter double-deck!!! Time to learn this game! Anyone know where I can buy singles or anything?


Frank said:

I know how you feel. I think Netrunner got way too little credit for what it was in the 90's. With a little luck, we may be able to use the Internet to revive this game - at least that is my hope. thanks for the suggestions. BTW. I love Seattle, it's a beautiful city up there. Cheers.



Jeff said:

Hey Frank, nice to see another paler in the Northwest! Used to live in Federal Way from 1992 through 1997. Bought or traded for a lot of cards over there. Would love to find more players from around our area to gather once in a while for some great Netrunner action. Found any others on your side?



Tyr said:

Yeah I was always interested in it. Wish I would have got into back then, would of made finding cards easier ;)



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