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I came here through Android: Netrunner. Netrunner (either version) is my favorite game by far, although I only discovered and got into it recently, having been playing mainly Magic before all this.

I'm trying to build up a collection from scratch because I love this game so much. Part of the reason for my interest in the original Netrunner is because its card pool is so diverse, with so much variety and so many deck building possibilities. Android: Netrunner's card pool is by comparison so much smaller and restrictive.

It'll be a few years before Android: Netrunner's card pool exceeds that of the original game's, but that will be a good day! I do love Android: Netrunner so much, I just feel that its card pool is so small and that the new cards are being released far too slowly, which is much of the reason I am getting into the old game at the same time.

Both versions have a different flavour but I think Netrunner is still as playable as ever.


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