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Profession:Information expert
Movies:Alien, Blade Runner, The Thing, Brazil, Gattaca, Cypher, The Prestige
Literature:H.P. Lovecraft, P.K. Dick, G. Bear, I. Banks
Music:World Music
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Name Cards Side
Sealed Starter A / Runner 60 Runner
Sealed Starter A / Corporation 60 Corporation
Sealed Set Eindhoven 2009 - Corp 91 Corporation
Sealed Set Eindhoven 2009 - Runner 95 Runner
Sealed Starter 01 - Runner 60 Runner
Sealed Starter 01 - Corp 60 Corporation
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Aujourd'Oui Pays francophones
First Belgium, then the World  Belgium
About Me

I am a regular boardgames player for years.
My NetRunner story : I saw once a short demo of the game back in 1996. I only knew M:tG mechanisms at that time, so the novelty was quite fascinating. However, I was not interested in the whole collectible madness in the 1990s, so I skipped it. I am a huge fan of the S-F genre in general, not the cyberpunk in particular. I eventually managed to play my first game in 2008 with a friend who had kept double starter for years in his collection. Such a shock! Shortly after, I attended a tourney in Netherlands : it was a complete blast to play and to meet expert NR players! I learned a lot in a few hours and I have been hooked completely on the game since then.
This site is an invaluable resource to manage cards collection and decks. Kudos to Frank!


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