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6 Cards.
No. Card Name Cost Str Type Rules Flavor Text Rarity Artist
1Forged Activation Orders1-

Choose a piece of unrezzed ice. The Corp either rezzes that piece of ice or trashes it.

PMark Maxwell

Trash any number of your installed cards. Gain [3] for each card successfully trashed in this way.

"Why throw it away when you can convince some half-brained weef to use it for creative suicide instead?" - Rache BartmossPDouglas Shuler
3The Shell Traders0

Remove one Shell counter from one card at the start of each of your turns.

Action: Choose a program or hardware card from your hand. Set that card aside, and put a number of Shell counters on it equal to its installation cost. When the last Shell counter on that card has been removed, install that card, at no cost.

[1]: Remove one Shell counter from one card.

PDavid Ho
4Pacifica Regional AI00-

You may advance Pacifica Regional AI before and after you rez it.

Regional AI advancement counter: Gain an action. Use this ability only during your turn.

PNorm Dwyer
5Bizarre Encryption Scheme01

Bizarre Encryption Scheme may be installed only in a subsidiary data fort. Runner does not score any agenda (or agendas) during a run in which Bizarre Encryption Scheme is accessed; return the agenda to the fort instead. Runner scores the agenda at the start of his or her next turn if it is still in that fort. This does not affect any further runs.

PDavid Seeley
6New Galveston City Grid14-

Each node and upgrade installed in this fort, other than New Galveston City Grid, gets +[2] trash cost.

PDavid Logan

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